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3rd September 2021


Bathgate Returns to Glee

Bathgate is excited to announce that we will be returning to Glee, the UK’s leading garden and outdoor living trade show.

Taking place at the NEC Birmingham from 14 – 16 September 2021, the event will feature the sector’s most exciting brands, innovative products, and inspiring garden retail insights.

The Bathgate team will be showcasing our vast horticultural range with experts on hand to talk through the products and answer any technical queries.

Bathgate offers a wide variety of compost, including new peat-free and peat-reduced products providing more choice than ever before. Our extensive range also includes top soil, lawn and sports turf top dressing, grit sand, block paving sands, and decorative stone.

Made with the finest ingredients and using the latest technology, all our horticultural products are precision blended and regularly tested in our onsite laboratory, ensuring consistently high quality.

Retailers can also find out about Bathgate’s services, including pre-priced point of sale material and nationwide delivery for quantities ranging from a single pallet through to a full load.

You can meet the Bathgate team and view our latest products at stand number 20A20-B21.

14th July 2021


Spotlight On: Matthew Biddle

In the spotlight this month is our sales co-ordinator, Matthew Biddle, who talks us through a typical day, his experience of working for Bathgate, and why he chose a career in horticulture.

What attracted you to working in the horticulture industry?

When Bathgate decided to expand into the horticulture industry, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to build on my experience of working in our core sand business. There are many similarities which attracted me, including the potential to gain a strong customer base through offering high quality products and services.

Horticulture is a fast-paced industry which suits my skills as it requires you to be organised and able to effectively communicate with different stakeholders to ensure customers are getting the high-quality products and service they require.

What does your role involve?

A typical day usually consists of me answering calls and emails regarding advice, quotes or orders for our products. Once orders have been placed, I liaise with internal or external contractors to arrange a delivery which suits the customer’s needs.

I support the technical sales managers by helping them to co-ordinate any orders they’ve placed, and assist other team members with any complex product questions. I also liaise with our production team regarding achievable delivery dates.

What do you like most about working for Bathgate?

We have a brilliant and supportive workforce and over the years, I’ve developed good working relationships with customers, colleagues and sub-contractors. With Bathgate, you’re seen as a person rather than a number, which is why so many people who start work here, stay with the company.

What would you say sets Bathgate apart from its competitors?

While Covid has disrupted many businesses across sectors, Bathgate has quickly adapted to ensure we continue to offer high quality products and services. Our proactive approach has given us a competitive edge, allowing us to see trends and make sure we’re in the best position to prepare for future sales.

Can you describe the Bathgate team in three words?

Challenging, rewarding, trusting.

21st May 2021


Top tips to get your garden summer ready

With warmer days on the horizon and lockdown restrictions lifting, it’s time to make sure your garden is looking its best. By now, you may already be seeing flowers blooming and with a little extra work, you can lay the foundations for a welcoming outdoor space that’s perfect for summer.

Inject extra colour

Give your garden an instant lift by using container displays with brightly coloured flowers. The RHS suggests five top plants for summer containers, including Salvia ×jamensis 'Raspberry Royale', Verbena 'Claret', Dichondra 'Silver Falls', Calibrachoa Million Bells series, and the Petunia Surfinia series.

Adding pots, planters and stands of different sizes, shapes or heights to your garden can also help to maximise impact. And if space allows, use hanging baskets to add extra interest.

To make sure your containers thrive through the summer, our Tub & Basket Compost contains long-term fertiliser and moisture-retaining granules to help you achieve the best results.

Replenish and bulk up borders

As the soil warms up, mulch borders to make sure plants get the nutrients they need and to help the soil retain moisture. If there are any spring plants that aren’t looking their best, remove and replace them. Hardy annuals are a good option for filling borders as they are cost effective, can grow fast, and provide plenty of colour.

To assist with mulching, try a specially formulated soil improver. Decorative pine bark can also help to protect delicate roots, retain moisture and suppress weeds.

Plant summer flowering bulbs

When the soil warms up, it’s also a great time to invest in summer flowering bulbs. Begonia, freesias, alliums, agapanthus and cannas are popular choices. Our traditionally formulated bulb compost will provide the essential nutrition needed for these plants to flourish in the coming months.

Prolong garden roses

If you have roses in your garden, these may start to bloom in late May and can provide a stunning addition to your garden. To help them last longer, carry out some light pruning and remove any roses that die. Also consider using a specially formulated compost with slow-release fertiliser to keep them healthy.

Spruce up the lawn

Your grass is likely to be looking much greener by now, and regular maintenance will ensure it stays that way. Making holes in the grass with a garden fork can help to prevent waterlogging and regular raking will remove any dead grass at soil level.

Using a lawn dressing will help to stimulate new shoots for a denser grass cover and can break down the thatch layer and improve soil quality.

For further information on preparing your garden for summer – and how Bathgate’s products can help - please contact a member of the team on 01270 762828 or at

15th April 2021


Spotlight On: Louise Nolan

Our spotlight feature continues this month with Louise Nolan, who gives an insight into what it’s like to work as a sales co-ordinator for Bathgate.

What are your main tasks as a sales co-ordinator?

One of my main responsibilities is processing orders for our horticultural products as well as sand. This involves creating quotes for both new and existing customers as well as taking calls for new orders and managing queries. 

What three words best describe Bathgate?

Supportive, teamwork and positive.

What do you like most about your job?

I really enjoy my job as there is such a friendly environment with brilliant teamwork where everyone supports each other to fulfil their roles.  I don’t have a background in horticulture or quarrying so I am constantly learning new things.

What sorts of skills do you need to do your job?

You need to be organised and good at communicating both with customers and other staff members. It is also important to be a team player and have the ability to manage your own workload. Problem solving is another key skill to ensure that any potential issues are identified and resolved efficiently.

What attracted you to working in horticulture?

Working in horticulture offered me the chance to learn something completely new and to contribute to a fast-paced industry.

25th February 2021


Sowing seeds? Try these products to maximise performance

 With March on the horizon, there are plenty of seeds that can be sown in the coming weeks. Whether you want to sow and grow flowers, vegetables or fruit, there is a range of products that can help to maximise your results.

Here we highlight four of the best from the Bathgate horticultural range:

1.     First on the list is our Seed & Cutting Compost. This is a fine grade compost specifically formulated for healthy germination and seedling development. Available in 25 litre bags, it is ideal for seed sowing, cuttings and sensitive species.

2.     For seedlings, plug plants, rooted cuttings and sensitive species, try our John Innes No.1. This is a loam-based compost formulated for healthy germination and seedling development and is available in 10 and 25 litre bags.

3.     Our Champions Blend Seed & Cutting Compost is ideal for small modular, plug and seed trays. This fine grade, low nutrient compost has a unique formulation that encourages healthy germination and improves resistance to disease.

4.     If you’re seeking something more specialist, our Seed & Modular Compost should fit the bill.  This fine-structured growing media is formulated with essential nutrients and trace elements making it ideal for seed and modular production as well as cuttings and low-nutrient applications. This compost also comprises washed silica sand and vermiculite.

Our Seed & Modular Compost is available in 50 litre bags and aimed at professional growers but is also suitable for keen gardeners.

For further information or advice on compost for sowing seeds, please contact  Simon at  

25th February 2021


How to Choose the Right Compost

There are many different types of compost available, so choosing the right one is essential to get the best results. There are various factors that will dictate which product is most suitable to use, so here’s our guide to making the right choice.


As the name suggests, multi-purpose compost is a great all-rounder for the whole garden. The product can be used for seed sowing, cuttings, bedding plants, plug and pot plants, and in trays, tubs, baskets and containers.

There are different blends of ingredients available to suit all types of gardener from amateurs through to the more experienced. For example, our Champions Blend All Purpose Compost is a premium product formulated with natural seaweed extracts, volcanic minerals, rock dust and naturally occurring strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi. This unique formulation stimulates growth, enhances plant development and improves resistance to disease with the added benefit of long-lasting nutrients for sustained growth.

John Innes

John Innes isn’t a brand name - it’s a recipe which was developed at the John Innes Institute in the 1930s. There are several types of John Innes compost each with different formulas and levels of nutrients that are tailored to particular uses, including:

·      John Innes No.1 – this is primarily for the healthy germination of seedlings, plug plants, rooted cuttings and sensitive species.

·      John Innes No. 2 – this compost is ideal for potting on a wide range of plug plants and slightly sensitive species into larger containers.

·      John Innes No. 3 – is suitable for potting on more established plants and can be used in pots, tubs, baskets and containers.

Seed and Cutting Compost

For sowing seeds, there are specialist composts that can help promote healthy germination. In addition to John Innes No. 1, Bathgate offers Seed & Cutting Compost, a fine grade compost specifically formulated for seedling development. 

Alternatively, our Champions Blend Seed & Cutting Compost is ideal for small modular, plug and seed trays. This fine grade, low nutrient compost also improves resistance to disease.

Ericaceous compost

Plants such as azalea, camellia or rhododendron, are known as acid loving or lime intolerant. In other words, they won't grow well in soils that have a high ph.

These plants will require an ericaceous compost. Bathgate offers two types - an Ericaceous Compost specifically blended for a wide range of ericaceous and lime- intolerant plants, and a John Innes Ericaceous compost. This is ideal for pots and container growing and can be used as a soil improver in ericaceous beds and borders prior to planting.

Peat free

For gardeners seeking a more environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional peat-based compost, there is a growing number of peat free options available.

For example, Bathgate offers a Champions Blend 50 litre peat-free compost, which contains a blend of natural certified ingredients and is manufactured to the Soil Association’s strictest standards.

We have also recently launched a Champions Blend peat-free extra large planter suitable for a wide range of edible crops as well as a peat-free version of our 50 litre multi-purpose compost, which is ideal for seed sowing, cuttings, bedding plants, plug and pot plants.

Compost for Containers

If your focus is on growing plants in hanging baskets, patio plants, tubs or large containers, you may want to use a more specialist compost. For example, our Tub & Basket Compost

contains long-term fertiliser and moisture-retaining granules to help gardeners achieve the best results.

For further information or advice on choosing the right compost, please contact  Simon at

25th January 2021


Bathgate Expands Peat-Free Range

Bathgate is helping gardeners to grow greener with the launch of new peat-free and peat reduced products.

The company already offers a Champions Blend 50 litre peat-free compost, which contains a blend of natural certified ingredients and is manufactured to the Soil Association’s strictest standards.

The premium Champions Blend range has now been increased with the addition of a Champions Blend peat-free extra large planter.

The further new offerings for retailers and professional growers include a peat-free version of the Bathgate 50 litre multi-purpose compost and also a 50 litre peat-reduced multi-purpose compost.

Bathgate’s commercial director, Colin Sanders, said: “There is a huge drive from the government and environmental charities for peat free alternatives. We are responding with a number of new products that are suitable for all gardeners and offer the usual exceptional quality our customers have come to expect. We have spent considerable time refining the ingredients ensuring the right balance of nutrients to optimise performance.”

Underlining Bathgate’s environmental commitment, the new products will be available in attractively packaged fully recyclable bags containing 30 per cent recycled plastic.

14th January 2021


Growing Power for Professional Growers

 Our technical sales manager, Simon Keeble, looks ahead to March 2021 and the horticultural products that can optimise performance for professional growers.

As we step into the first quarter of 2021, it won’t be long before it’s full steam ahead for professional growers. As preparations begin for growing plants and seeds ready for spring and summer, here is some of our available growing media to maximise your results.

·       Bedding Compost – this specially formulated growing medium is suitable for a wide range of bedding and small pot plants. A bespoke blend of essential nutrients and trace elements encourage healthy and sustained root and foliage development.

·       Seed & Modular Compost - a fine-structured growing media is formulated with essential nutrients and trace elements making it ideal for seed and modular production as well as cuttings and low-nutrient applications. This compost also comprises washed silica sand and vermiculite.

·       Potting Compost - this open-structured medium is high in nutrients and specifically formulated for a wide range of pot bedding, basket plants and pot plants. A blend of essential nutrients and trace elements encourage healthy, sustained root and foliage development, and natural zeolite improves nutrient uptake and retention.

·   Tub & Basket Compost - this medium structured, high-nutrient growing medium ensures even and healthy development as well as enhanced flower and foliage colour for maximum impact. It's easy to use, and suitable for a wide range of tub and basket plants.

Bespoke mixes are available and can be made on request to suit individual requirements.

Nationwide distribution

Based at Arclid in Cheshire, close to the motorway network, Bathgate is ideally located to make prompt nationwide deliveries to growers. We can arrange deliveries from a single pallet through to a full load.

For further advice on Bathgate’s horticultural range for professional growers, please email Simon at

18th December 2020


Our Year in Review

Colin Sanders, commercial director for Bathgate reflects on the challenges of 2020, the surge in demand for horticultural products and Bathgate’s plans for 2021

Rewind to the first quarter of 2020 and like most industries, horticulture had been hit hard but as more people turned their hand to gardening, the outlook brightened. 

According to the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) and its latest Business Confidence Index Survey of members, garden centre sales in October 2020 increased by 17 per cent compared to the same time last year. This was driven by exceptional garden/gardening category sales that finished the month 45 per cent higher than October 2019.

Adapting to change

At Bathgate, the surge in demand for horticultural products was evident from late spring.

This provided both opportunities and hurdles for our business. With the majority of staff working remotely, fulfilling orders was made more challenging and many of our employees had to contend with changes to their working patterns. When demand reached its peak over the summer, we shifted production up a gear, which saw our factory operate 24 hours a day to meet our customers’ needs.  

The way our employees coped with these changes and continued to ensure Bathgate’s products were delivered on time, makes me particularly proud and I’m really grateful for all their efforts.

Increasing our Offer

The demand for multi-purpose compost has remained particularly strong over the last 12 months. This was one of the drivers behind us launching a new 70 litre multipurpose compost earlier this year. 

We are also seeing more enquiries for peat-free products and are increasing our offer in response.  In 2021, we will be launching a Champions Blend peat free extra-large planter and a 50 litre peat-free multipurpose compost as well as a peat-reduced 50 litre multipurpose compost. This is in addition to our Champions Blend 50 litre peat-free compost, which is already available.

As well as bolstering our peat-free range, a new 25 litre bulb compost and a 25 litre seed & cutting compost will also be launched in the new year. 

In line with our environmental commitment, all new products will be in fully recyclable bags containing 30 per cent recycled plastic.

Looking Ahead

This year has taught us just how unpredictable life can be, but our focus will remain the same for 2021. We will continue to produce the best quality products we can and offer our customers a first-class service to match.   

We hope that when restrictions are lifted, we can begin to see our customers face to face, and further strengthen those relationships. We are looking forward to being able to present details of our products and discuss with our customers the benefits they bring.

The possibility of the gardening trade shows returning in 2021 is exciting, as they give us the opportunity to meet more people and introduce them to our vast horticultural range.

From the rise of ‘grow your own’ through to more naturalistic planting and shifts in garden design, there will always be a variety of trends that keep the horticultural industry thriving. At Bathgate, we’re pleased to play a key role in the sector and look forward to 2021 with optimism.

I would also like to take this opportunity to, once again, thank all our customers for their support throughout 2020 and wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year.

1st December 2020


Spotlight On: Colin Sanders

This month’s spotlight is on Bathgate’s commercial director, Colin Sanders, who talks about his 21-year career at the company, the challenges of 2020, and what sets the business apart.

Can you describe a typical day? 

My days vary quite a lot and like for most people, they’re very different to how they were this time last year. I spend lots of time in virtual meetings with staff from various departments ranging from members of my internal and external sales team, through to colleagues in production, accounts and administration. I also manage our customers and suppliers, and spend time reviewing the latest market information as well as producing and reading reports.  

What’s been your career highlight so far at Bathgate

I’ve spent more than two decades at Bathgate, first joining the business as a leisure sales coordinator. Having worked my way up through the ranks, my highlight was being appointed a company director in 2016.

Where do you see the business in five years’ time? 

We are continually looking to move forward and make changes for the better, so I can only see the business becoming stronger in everything we do. 

What has this year and the challenges of Covid-19 taught you

Like many companies, we’ve had to adapt very quickly and change the way we work as well as our operating environment. It’s been difficult but we’ve succeeded, and this is testament to the strength of our teams, especially given the added pressure we faced earlier in the year due to a huge increase in demand for our horticultural products.

What I have taken from this, is the need to stringently plan and prepare for as many abnormalities as possible and to ensure we are flexible enough to adapt to sudden changes in circumstances.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Treat others how you would want to be treated – we adopt the same philosophy when working with our customers and supply partners.

What would you say sets Bathgate apart from its competitors in the horticulture sector and why

We are constantly thriving to be the best at what we do. We are focused on our customers and listening to their needs, ensuring we provide the highest quality products and a service to match. We make sure that the customer experience is always a positive one and put customers at the centre of everything we do.

5th November 2020


Spotlight On: Adam Griffin

Our sales coordinator, Adam Griffin, is in the spotlight this month providing an insight into what it’s like to be part of the Bathgate team.

Can you describe a typical day?

As a sales co-ordinator, my day mainly consists of processing orders of horticultural products and managing our customers’ requests or queries over the phone. I’m also responsible for creating quotes for future orders. 

What skills do you need to do your job?

As someone who liaises with customers and colleagues every day, social skills are really important. We want our customers to receive the very highest level of service, so professionalism is another key skill. You also need to be organised to ensure orders are processed efficiently and be a good team player.

What’s the best thing about working in the horticulture industry?

I’ve seen the horticulture side of our business grow rapidly since I first joined. It’s exciting to have been part of that and see the popularity of our products increase, especially this year with more and more people now gardening.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given at work?

There will always be some problems that arise at work, but the thing that matters most is how you deal with them.

What do you like most about working for Bathgate?

Bathgate is a really welcoming and supportive business. When I first joined, everyone went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable which made me feel like I fitted into the team straight away.

2nd November 2020


Gardening in November: Top Tips and Advice

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, gardening takes on a slower pace this month but that doesn’t mean there are no jobs to do. With winter around the corner, the focus now shifts to preparation and protection, so here’s our guide to November gardening, including top tips on the best products to use.

Protect Tender Plants, Pots and Planters

Even if the weather feels mild, make sure that tender plants are protected by moving them into a greenhouse, porch or conservatory. The unpredictability of the British weather could bring frost at any time, which could damage or kill plants that aren’t winter hardy.

Consider lifting and repotting herbaceous perennials into pots to ensure they bloom again next year. Our Ericaceous Compost is suitable for plants that dislike alkaline soil such as rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas and heathers. Our John Innes Ericaceous compost is also ideal for pots and container growing.

If any pots or containers are kept on a patio floor, raise them off the ground using pot feet or even a shallow upturned clay or plastic pot, so that any water can drain away and is prevented from freezing underneath.

Applying mulch around the base of large planters in winter can help maintain a steady soil temperature. For additional protection, use a soil conditioner or improver such as our Soil Improver & Planting Compost, which is formulated with natural products to improve the structure of garden soils.

Plant for Spring

From November, bare root shrubs, hedges and trees can begin to be planted ready for when the soil warms in the spring. Our specially formulated Rose, Tree & Shrub Compost contains a slow release fertiliser which can help them flourish.

November is the ideal time for planting tulip bulbs. If planting in a pot, try layering the bulbs one on top of each other and using our traditionally formulated Bulb Compost, which contains all the essential nutrition and trace elements for healthy plant development.

Take Care of House Plants

Don’t forget the plants in your house as well as your garden. As we increase the use of radiators in our homes, house plants can dry out so make sure they are watered more regularly. Using a decorative stone can also help to retain moisture in the soil. 

For further advice on gardening in November and the horticultural products that can help, please contact us on 01270 762828 or email us at

27th October 2020


Bathgate Helps Robert Gleave & Sons Expand Horticultural Range

Frodsham-based Robert Gleave & Sons has selected Bathgate to supply a variety of products to bolster its horticultural range.

Established more than 30 years ago, Robert Gleave & Sons is an independent local garden centre and building merchants. This Family run business offers a wide range of building and gardening products as well as having an outdoor café and takeaway van on site.

Bathgate has supplied Robert Gleave & Sons with several horticultural products including:

·         Multi-Purpose Compost – a premium quality compost ideal for seed sowing, cuttings, bedding plants, plug and pot plants.

·         Tub & Basket Compost – formulated with a long-term fertiliser and moisture-retaining granules making it ideal for hanging baskets, patio planters, tubs and large containers.

·         Rose, Tree & Shrub Compost – also formulated with a slow release fertiliser.

·         John Innes No.3 – a compost ideal for potting a wide range of plants for use in pots, tubs, baskets and containers.

·         John Innes Ericaceous – for lime-intolerant species and can be used for propagation. It is ideal for pots and container growing and can also be used as a soil improver in ericaceous beds and borders prior to planting.

·         Enriched Top Soil - perfect for use in beds and borders to improve existing garden soils.  Also suitable for organic gardening as it is natural and additive free.

Sal Wilson from Robert Gleave & Sons said: “We’ve been selling Bathgate’s products for several months now. We let our customers decide which products are the best quality and so far, their feedback on the Bathgate range has been very positive.

“The service we have received from Bathgate has also been good. We know that if we have any queries or concerns, these will be quickly addressed by our sales representative.”

21st October 2020


Bathgate Helps Gardening Charity Grow

Bathgate is helping a gardening-for-health charity to keep growing with a donation of multi-purpose compost which has been delivered to Thrive, a charity that uses gardening to bring about positive changes for people living with disabilities or ill health, or who are isolated, disadvantaged or vulnerable.

The compost will be used to help clients flex their green fingers at Thrive’s three regional centres in Birmingham, Reading and London when they each reopen after lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Julie Jowett from Thrive, said: “We’d like to say a huge thank you to Bathgate for its donation of compost to our regional centres. We’re pleased that many of our clients have been able to return and the compost has really helped with all the gardening tasks.”

Colin Sanders, commercial director at Bathgate, said: “This is the second year running that we’ve supported Thrive. It’s a fantastic charity that is passionate about the health benefits of gardening and demonstrates the huge difference it can make to people’s lives.

“We’re looking forward to seeing Thrive’s clients using our compost when the centres reopen and finding out about their growing success.”

14th October 2020


Okells Garden Centre Partners with Bathgate

A family-run garden centre is partnering with Bathgate to help enhance its horticultural range. 

Based in Tarporley, Cheshire, Okells Garden Centre was established in 1981 as a plant nursery specialising in heathers. Since then, it has steadily expanded and now offers a wide variety of plants, seeds, pots and tools as well a gift and coffee shop.

After experiencing some delays with existing suppliers, Garden Centre Manager, James Frith, turned to Bathgate to try its horticultural products and services.

“After reading about Bathgate and its horticultural range, I discovered that it’s a company with a wide range of products and shares our values as it always puts quality first,” he says. “As Bathgate is also based locally, it made sense to work together to see how we could potentially improve what we offer to customers.”

We supplied Okells with three different lines of compost including:

·        Multi-Purpose Compost – a premium quality compost ideal for seed sowing, cuttings, bedding plants, plug and pot plants.

·        Champions Blend All Purpose Compost - a multi award-winning open structured compost with long lasting nutrients for sustained growth.

·        Champions Blend Planter - an extra large growing bag with additional additives which is suitable for a wide range of ornamentals and edibles.

“The quality of the products was evident from the start, but it was also really important that this was backed up with tailored support,” explains James. “Bathgate’s sales representative was very knowledgeable and able to direct us to the compost that was most appropriate for our business. Crucially, the deliveries were also really well organised, so we received the products efficiently and on time.”

Since its first order, Okells has received positive feedback from customers and is planning to extend the range of Bathgate products offered in the garden centre.

James concludes: “We’ve received a fantastic service from Bathgate, so are now regularly ordering from the company. The comments we’ve received from some of our customers has been particularly encouraging. People have made a point of telling us how much they like Bathgate’s products and asked us to keep stocking them, which is testament to the quality.” 

9th October 2020


Spotlight On: Simon Keeble

In this month’s spotlight feature, our technical sales manager, Simon Keeble, talks about the surge in demand for horticultural products and pulling together in a crisis.

What does your role typically involve?

I’ve worked for Bathgate for nearly a year now and my focus is on building customer relationships and raising the profile of our brand. This sees me work with garden centres, nurseries and professional growers, helping to advise them on Bathgate’s range of horticultural products.

In normal times, I’d be out on the road visiting customers and carrying out site visits, but the pandemic means I now spend most of my time at my desk, speaking to customers on the phone and using email to meet their requirements.

Has a growing demand for gardening products affected your job?

I’ve worked in horticulture for more than two decades and this is the busiest year I’ve ever experienced. During the spring and summer, we always see a spike in orders, but with more people spending time at home and wanting to improve their gardens, demand for our products has increased dramatically.

Keeping up with this level of demand hasn’t been easy, especially for our production team that had to work around the clock when orders peaked, but thanks to everyone at Bathgate pulling together, we managed to meet our customers’ needs.   

What do you like about working for Bathgate?

Bathgate is a company that genuinely cares about its people and that’s been proven throughout the pandemic. Like most businesses, we’ve faced many challenges over the last few months, but have always made sure that we support each other.

We’re also really passionate about our products and making sure they’re the very best they can be. We’re often told by garden centre managers that their customers specifically ask for Bathgate products as they’ve been so impressed by them– you can’t get a better endorsement than that.

What are your aims over the next 12 months?

Since working for Bathgate, I’ve secured several new accounts across the UK but believe there’s the potential to further expand our customer network, especially across the south of England and into Wales. My aim is to keep raising the profile of our brand and working with our team to help deliver our products to even more customers and in new locations. 

24th August 2020


Supporting our customers during the Covid-19 crisis

The Covid-19 crisis has had a huge impact on many industries and horticulture is no exception. Like most businesses, we have had to adapt to new ways of working, including serving our customers from home.            

One of our biggest challenges in recent months has been the huge spike in demand for horticultural products this season. To meet the needs of our customers, we significantly increased production for 12 weeks with our Cheshire-based factory operating 24 hours a day.  

Demand still remains high for the time of year, but with levels being slightly more typical, our normal production hours have resumed and with new health and safety measures in place, a small number of staff have been able to return back to the office.

Despite the challenges created by the pandemic, we remain committed to developing new products ensuring our customers have greater choice than ever before. Two recent additions to the range have been a 70 litre Multipurpose compost and a 25 litre Aquatic compost, which are both in fully recyclable bags and are more environmentally friendly, as they contain 30 per cent recycled plastic, which is something we have committed to all new packaging.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their support during what has been an exceptionally busy time. We would also like to thank our employees for their hard work and resilience in challenging circumstances. 

As more and more people turn to gardening and recognise its benefits, we look forward to continuing to serve the horticulture sector providing high-quality products and services to our new and old garden centre and nursery customers.

21st August 2020


Spotlight On: Steve Simmons

In the first of our spotlight series, our technical sales manager, Steve Simmons, reflects on his first six months at Bathgate and working through the pandemic.

Can you describe a typical day?

A typical day is usually focused on arranging appointments and getting out meeting buyers in garden centres and nurseries across the whole of the north.

I take lots of information with me as well as samples to make sure that both our existing customers, and any potential new ones, are fully informed about our horticultural range, how it could benefit their business, and the support we offer.

My role also involves responding to any customer enquiries that come through regarding sales or technical advice.

How has working life changed as a result of Covid-19?

The pandemic has turned a normal day upside down and one of the biggest changes is not being able to go out and meet our customers face to face. With all contact now being made over the phone or email, I miss personal interaction but I’m doing everything I can to keep our relationships strong.

As a business, we’ve also had to cope with a huge spike in demand for our products that’s been fuelled by more people gardening. That’s been a great boost but at the same time, it’s put extra pressure on us in terms of administration and deliveries. However, our teams have coped remarkably well and pulled together to get orders out as quickly as possible and keep our customers happy.


What have you enjoyed most so far about working for Bathgate?

I’ve been with the business for seven months now and despite the challenges of working through the Covid-19 crisis, it’s been a great experience so far. I’ve been in the horticulture sector for 28 years and can honestly say that Bathgate’s products are the best I’ve ever worked with, so I’m really passionate about what I do.  Speaking to new customers about what we offer, bringing them on board, and hearing positive feedback about our products has been really rewarding.

Have you achieved anything that you’re particularly proud of?

I’m proud to have added new customers to our portfolio with an extra 35 garden centres and nurseries now benefiting from Bathgate’s products. Although this is partly down to the strong relationships I’ve built in the industry over the years, it’s really testament to the quality of the products and the services the business can provide. That makes me proud to work for Bathgate and I’m looking forward to building on that success in the coming months, especially when normality hopefully returns later this year.”

21st August 2020


Bathgate Super Sizes Its Multi-Purpose Compost

Bathgate has expanded its horticultural range to include extra-large bags of multi-purpose compost. 

The 70 litre bags have been introduced to meet the growing demand and help to reduce packaging in the long term. 

Manufactured to strict standards, the multi-purpose compost is made from a mix of natural certified ingredients that can be used for a wide range of ornamentals and edibles.

To further reduce the packaging’s carbon footprint, the new bags are made from 30 per cent recycled plastic and are 100 per cent recyclable.

Colin Sanders, Commercial Director at Bathgate said: “We continuously look for ways to expand and enhance our horticultural range to meet the changing needs of our customers. Offering a larger bag of this high quality multi-purpose product not only offers environmental benefits but cost savings and more convenience for gardeners.”

2nd March 2020


Bathgate launches greener packaging

Bathgate is further reducing its environmental impact with all new product packaging now made from 30 per cent recycled plastic. 

The bags, which are already 100 per cent recyclable, are used for 30 different products and manufactured in a variety of sizes. 

Colin Sanders, Commercial Director at Bathgate said: “The new, more environmentally friendly bags are now being rolled out and will be clearly labelled to make customers aware.

“Although the government is taking action to clamp down on plastic packaging from April 2022, we wanted to get ahead of the game. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, so are continuously seeking to improve our operations to make our business, packaging and products more sustainable. 

“All of our products are sold nationally, so this will make a significant difference to our environmental footprint as well as our customers.”

As part of its environmental commitment, Bathgate also offers peat free products, including a soil association approved ‘Champions Blend’ peat free compost, which can be used for a wide range of seasonal plants and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Conservation and restoration work carried out at the company’s Arclid site has also resulted in an area of outstanding natural beauty and a recognised nature reserve. 

2nd March 2020


Bathgate expands sales team

Bathgate has expanded its national sales team for horticulture, appointing a new technical sales manager.  

Stephen Simmons has worked in sales for more than 40 years, 29 of which have been spent in the horticulture sector. Throughout his career, he has held senior sales positions at leading brands. 

At Bathgate, Stephen will be responsible for building relationships with existing customers and growing the company’s client base across the north with a focus on independent garden centres and nurseries. 
Colin Sanders, Commercial Director at Bathgate said: “Strengthening our sales team across the UK is a strategic priority for Bathgate as we want to achieve significant business growth in horticulture this year. 
“Stephen’s extensive knowledge of the horticulture sector and vast sales experience will play a vital role in helping us to achieve our targets, ensuring we can both retain and attract customers.”
Commenting on his new role, Stephen added: “I’m really looking forward to meeting new and future customers and raising awareness of Bathgate’s horticultural range and services. The company offers some of the best products I’ve worked with, so there is a huge opportunity to strengthen sales, support the wider team, and make a positive difference.”

Stephen’s arrival follows the appointment of Simon Keeble in October 2019 who was appointed technical sales manager with responsibility for working with customers across the south of the UK.  

Bathgate’s horticultural products are aimed at professional growers and retailers, and formulated at the company’s factory in Arclid, Cheshire. 




25th November 2019


And the winners are...

We’re pleased to announce that the winners of our iPad competition are Joan Barnes from Four Oaks Direct and Rachel Maiden from Ashwood Nurseries.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition which ran throughout the Four Oaks and Glee trade shows.

It was very encouraging to see so many people visit our stand and such strong turnouts at both events, reflecting the optimism in the gardening world.

From the introduction of new technology and more sustainable packaging through to a growing demand for premium horticultural products and creative merchandising, there are many drivers shaping the sector and creating opportunities for further growth.

In line with these trends, Bathgate continues to work closely with our customers to meet their changing needs and expectations, with a vast product range that can meet any requirement.

If you didn’t get the chance to visit us at the September trade shows and want to find out more about the horticultural products and services we offer, why not visit us at or contact us at


29th October 2019


Bathgate welcomes new technical sales manager for horticulture

Bathgate has bolstered its horticulture team with the appointment of a new technical sales manager.

Bringing more than 20 years’ experience to Bathgate, Simon Keeble has spent his whole career in horticulture. Throughout this time, he has worked for major industry suppliers, specialising in advising customers, including commercial growers, on growing media and fertilisers.

At Bathgate, he will be responsible for providing customers with expert advice on the company’s vast range of horticultural products, helping retailers and professional growers to maximise sales and performance.

Colin Sanders, Commercial Director at Bathgate said: “With extensive industry experience, Simon will be a great asset to our horticulture team. His specialist expertise and knowledge will further strengthen our technical capabilities and ensure we can continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Commenting on his new role, Simon added: “This is a fantastic opportunity to share my skills with a company focused on formulating high quality products and providing an industry-leading service.”

Bathgate’s horticultural products are produced at the company’s factory in Arclid, Cheshire and are aimed at professional growers and garden retailers.

17th October 2019


Five Themes Shaping The Gardening World

 More than 550 suppliers and 7,000 visitors attended this year’s Glee exhibition helping to showcase the strength of garden retailing.

The Bathgate stand featured a vast range of horticultural products targeted at both garden retailers and professional growers. And it was clear from our conversations with decision makers and buyers, that people are very optimistic about the sector.

New trends and innovations are opening up opportunities for further growth and development, and demand for premium horticultural products is rising.

Here, we highlight some of the main themes raised at the show and which are shaping the gardening world.

Shifts in consumer habits

Consumers buying habits are changing rapidly, driving the need for more inspirational retail environments. Enhancing the customer’s experience will be crucial for future sales success. As a result, garden centres are being encouraged to develop new and more innovative merchandising strategies. Ideas include engaging shoppers in creative and fun activities that encourage them to buy outside of their normal buying areas.

The rise of the non gardener

The horticulture sector has huge potential to attract new customers, including non-gardeners and the younger generation. One way to achieve this is by promoting products and plants that require little knowledge, work or time but can still create an impressive garden.

Adoption of smarter technology

Exciting new technology continues to filter through all parts of the gardening world. Adapting and building technology into stores remains a priority for garden centres seeking to provide a more convenient shopping experience.

Although it may be some time before lawn mowers become redundant, advances in horticultural technology are making an impact too. The number of robotic tools is on the rise and set to make a wide range of gardening tasks even quicker and easier.

Environmental concerns

The crucial need to protect our environment is leading to many suppliers reducing their dependency on single-use plastic with sustainable alternatives. Bathgate is also championing that trend using 100 per cent recyclable packaging for all our horticultural products.

To highlight the impact we each have on the environment, Glee launched its ‘Power of One’ initiative at the show. Exhibitors and visitors were encouraged to make a pledge, committing to making one small change to reduce their impact on the environment and world in which we live.

Optimising performance

Demand for premium horticultural products and specialist ingredients continues to rise with professional growers seeking to maximise performance. Discussions on our stand were largely focused on our premium compost blend and the benefits of its unique formulation.

Thank you to everyone that visited us at Glee. If you didn’t get the chance to attend the show and would like more information on our products and services, then please contact


5th February 2019


Bathgate Silica Sand helps Lions Youth Brass go for gold at the 2019 European Brass Band Championships

Bathgate Silica Sand are thrilled to support the Lions Youth Brass as they prepare to compete in the 2019 EuroBrass Championships in Montreux, Switzerland.

For over 25 years, Lions Youth Brass, a registered charity, has enabled hundreds of children aged five to 18 years to play and perform brass or percussion instruments in beginners, junior or youth bands. Currently there are around 120 members, all from different backgrounds, and all provided with musical instruments, tuition and support. They practice every Tuesday evening at Sandbach School.

The children perform and compete at the highest levels. Following their recent success at the 2018 Youth Brass Band Championships of Great Britain, they will represent the UK at the 6th European Youth Brass Band Championships in April 2019.

Jane Stubbs, Chairperson of the Youth Band at the Lions said, “This is a huge honour and opportunity for Lions Youth Brass but, most importantly, for the children to play at the very highest level at such a prestigious event.”

The Lions rely on annual support received from local Lions and Rotary Clubs, as well as funds raised from concerts, fund raising events and membership. However, the cost of getting their 43 band members, conductor, committee members and parent helpers to the event is a staggering £25,000!

Therefore, Bathgate Silica Sand’s pledge of support and sponsorship has been very well received. “It is a relationship we’re keen to develop further given our shared wish to support local children and see them grow and succeed both in the band and out,” says Nigel Birch, Conductor of the Youth Band (pictured).

Andy Brookes, representative from the Bathgate Group and former Sandbach School student, delivered the cheque for £550 to the Lions Youth Band. “Lions Youth Brass enables children from a wide range of backgrounds not only to access musical training, but to reach standards of excellence. This is great for the children, but also for the local community. We are very pleased to support this charity, and we want to extend our congratulations to the Lions and wish them the best of luck in April’s international tournament!”

For more information on the Lions Youth Brass Band, visit their website at

12th October 2018


Glee and Four Oaks 2018

This year saw our third time exhibiting at Glee, Birmingham NEC and our fifth time at Four Oaks in Cheshire!

For all involved in the Retail Garden Centre industry and for professional growers, Glee and Four Oaks really are amazing, certainly two showcases that we are extremely proud to be involved in. There is a hugely diverse array of products presented in some stunning displays. It’s hard not to be impressed, and full credit should go to all the exhibitors and organisers who make both exhibitions the awe-inspiring spectacle that the shows have now become.

For us at the Bathgate Horticulture stand, we were impressed by the wide range of enquires we received. We’re always delighted to welcome existing customers to our stand and show off the latest editions to our range, and it’s always great to get customer feedback on how our products have been performing and selling. It’s also very satisfying to meet new potential customers, and as such, the hard work continues in following up all the enquiries.

We have secured our booking for both events again next year and feel confident that the Glee and Four Oaks teams will deliver another couple of outstanding shows in 2019. We very much look forward to seeing you all again next year!

23rd August 2018


Visit Bathgate Horticulture at this year’s Four Oaks and Glee Trade Shows, for a chance to WIN an Apple iPad*.

It’s that time of year again as Bathgate Horticulture prepare to showcase their product range at this year’s Four Oaks and Glee Trade Shows. Come and visit us at our stands, and we’ll enter your details into our fabulous free prize draw to be in with a chance of winning a brand new Apple iPad!* 

At Bathgate Horticulture, we provide an extensive range of quality products for professional growers, landscapers, garden retailers and dedicated horticultural enthusiasts. Whatever your requirements, you can be assured that we only use the finest ingredients to produce consistent, high quality products every time. 

We’ve recently introduced a new Champions Blend product... a premium quality, peat free, Organic Soil Association Approved compost. This unique high performance growing medium was developed after extensive research and in conjunction with a leading professional grower. It includes Envii Foundation, REMIN Volcanic Rock Dust and Oceans Bounty Natural Seaweed Extract. 

Our Champions Blend peat free compost can be used for a wide range of seasonal plants and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It’s ideal for plug plants, bedding and pot plants, hanging baskets, shrubs, and fruit and vegetable plants. 

To find out more, visit us at Four Oaks, Farm Lane, Lower Withington, Macclesfield on 4-5 September, stand: E123-E125 and Glee at NEC, Birmingham on 10-12 September, stand: 6M80-N81 or call us on 01270 762828. 

*Prize Draw Terms & Conditions apply.

16th July 2018


Introducing our new Champions Blend Peat Free, Organic Approved Compost

Bathgate Horticulture are proud to introduce a premium quality, peat free, Organic Soil Association Approved compost! 

This unique high performance growing medium, developed after extensive research and in conjunction with a leading professional grower, includes Envii Foundation, REMIN Volcanic Rock Dust and Oceans Bounty Natural Seaweed Extract.
Envii Foundation is a blend of naturally-occurring strains of bacteria and fungi. Acting as a probiotic for plants, it encourages the uptake of vital nutrients for growth, whilst generating the right metabolites needed for increased plant development and improved resistance to disease.
REMIN volcanic rock dust releases essential natural minerals and trace elements into the compost. It contains over 50 valuable micro and macro nutrients that enhance plant development and sustain growth, enabling early and balanced plant development in this natural Coir-based growing medium.
Finally, Oceans Bounty Natural Seaweed extracts are applied to give additional slow release minerals and beneficial plant nutrition. Seaweed is well known for improving overall plant health and increased growth and flavour in edibles.
Our Champions Blend Peat Free Compost can be used for a wide range of seasonal plants and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is ideal for plug plants, bedding and pot plants, hanging baskets, shrubs, and fruit and vegetable plants.

21st May 2018


Get the right compost for your hanging baskets and patio planters

Summer is on its way, so it’s time to start thinking about your hanging baskets and patio planters. Getting the compost right is key to creating beautiful displays that continue to flourish throughout the Summer months.

Bathgate Horticulture’s Tub & Basket Compost is formulated with additional slow-release fertiliser that encourages extended plant development. Furthermore, a moisture-storing polymer is incorporated into the blend to reduce watering frequency and sustain the plants during drier periods. This polymer also helps to retain nutrients and prolong vigour.

Our light-weight Tub & Basket Compost is easy to handle, and not formulated with recycled waste. It is ideal for a range of seasonal basket plants and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use for ornamentals and edibles.

Tub & Basket Compost is available in 50 litre bags. Delivery from a single pallet to a full load nationwide across the UK.

The extensive Bathgate Horticulture product range comprises of carefully formulated growing media and associated products for both professional and retail horticulturists, that are manufactured to market leading standards.

All Bathgate Horticulture retail products are attractively packaged in conveniently sized, recyclable bags.


6th April 2018


How organic matter can enhance soil condition

It’s that time of year to apply organic matter such as Bathgate Horticulture’s Blended Farm Manure, to help improve the condition of the soil in your beds and borders.

This blended manure is rich in natural humus and provides a valuable source of organic nutrients and beneficial bacteria that stimulates the microbial activity in the soil. Bathgate’s Blended Farm Manure further helps improve the soil structure by retaining nutrients/moisture in light sandy soils or it increases drainage in heavier clay-based soils.

Alongside the benefits to the growing environment the blended Farm Manure is low in odour, light weight, easy to apply and available in 50 litre bags, for delivery from a single pallet to a full load across the UK.

The extensive Bathgate Horticulture product range, comprises of carefully formulated growing media and associated products for both professional and retail horticulturists that are manufactured to market leading standards. All Bathgate retail products are attractively packaged in conveniently sized, recyclable bags.

26th March 2018


Bathgate Horticulture RHS Chelsea Flower Show Video

Our Champions Blend All Purpose Compost was the compost of choice for renowned professional growers at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Take a look at the Bathgate supported award-winning show garden set-up including an interview with Mike Smith from Tom Smith Plants.

View the video

31st January 2018


Bathgate supports local allotment show

We thoroughly enjoyed supporting our local allotment show in Crewe recently. Several of our horticultural products were displayed and sold, with the Mayor of Crewe, Diane Yates commenting that she uses some of Bathgate’s horticultural products herself. Bathgate's Andrew Peers was photographed with Diane Yates at the show in front of our display. 

12th December 2017


Why farmers are choosing Bathgate Silica Sand for their cattle bedding

Bathgate Silica Sand has gained the support of a large number of farmers, as they continue to see the added benefits of using Bathgate’s high-quality silica sand for bedding their cattle on. The use of straw for bedding has long been the traditional choice for farmers, but a lack of hygiene, which can lead to mastitis and infections, has led farmers to look for alternative solutions.

Nick Summerfield of Yew Tree Farm, Whitmore, Newcastle Under Lyme, has previously tried bedding on straw and also gel mats/sawdust, but over the past 12 months, he’s turned to Bathgate Silica Sand and is enjoying seeing the results of switching over to silica sand.

The milk produced by the 380 cattle at Yew Tree Farm is sold to Tesco, so certain standards have to be followed to achieve the required levels that Tesco specifies. This is done on a scoring system that monitors how well the cattle are cared for, which includes their health and cleanliness.

Bathgate’s sand allows farmers to comply with the correct standards by generating a better environment for cattle. For example, it provides a comfortable and an inertly healthy bed, that improves lying time, which in turn increases milk quantities, due to the extra flow of blood to the udder.

The washed and screened fine particle sand that Bathgate offers, not only creates an ideal bedding material, it also helps to create a non-slip surface in and around the cubicles. This then helps to decrease hock damage and knee injuries and combined with a decrease in perching, veterinary costs can then be reduced.

Veterinary costs aren’t the only savings with Nick Summerfield commenting that overall, he saves 50% in bedding costs, compared to when he was using straw.

Nick also said “I am very happy with the product quality, delivery and overall service provided by Bathgate Silica Sand. Bedding on silica sand is a real game changer and I personally think that all cattle will eventually be bed on sand."

Bathgate Silica Sand is one of the largest producers of high-quality silica sand, top dressing and rootzone mixes throughout the UK. Our materials are supplied into a variety of markets from sports and leisure to a number of industrial sectors. We also offer a full range of horticultural products for professional growers, landscapers and retailers.

Bathgate Silica Sand has been established for over 100 years and is part of the Bathgate Group of companies.

For more information on Bathgate’s high-quality silica sand cattle bedding contact:  |  01270 762828 

24th August 2017


Bathgate Silica Sand to showcase growing horticultural range at Glee and Four Oaks 2017

Following the success of the Bathgate Horticulture range, Bathgate will be showcasing their full range of products including new editions at Glee and Four Oaks in September. 

Bathgate’s Champions Blend range now features Seed and Cutting formulation and the Extra-large Planter, which sit alongside their award-winning Champions Blend Compost. The new products have been well received by retailers and growers alike, with excellent results being reported.

Bathgate’s John Innes range now includes an Ericaceous option as well as, smaller 10 litre bags of John Innes 1, 2 and 3. The expanded Bathgate Horticulture range also includes new 50 litre premium quality certified Play Grade Bark.

Bathgate's Champions Blend All Purpose Compost won the award for Best Retail Product or Service at Four Oaks last year. Judges said that the compost "brought together probiotics, volcanic rock dust and natural seaweed extract in one easy mix for amateur gardeners." 

Bathgate’s compost has received several endorsements by professional growers and horticultural enthusiasts, including broadcaster and writer Terry Walton and Mike Smith of Tom Smith Plants.

The Bathgate Horticulture range offers the highest quality growing media and associated products, manufactured to market-leading standards.

Visit Bathgate Silica Sand’s stand E 123-125 at Four Oaks, Farm Lane, Cheshire on 5th-6th September and stand 20N36-P37 at Glee, NEC, Birmingham on 11th-13th September.


8th June 2017


Sandpit fun with Bathgate at BBC Gardeners’ World Live

Looking for new ideas and inspiration for your garden? Visit BBC Gardeners’ World Live at Birmingham’s NEC on 15th – 18th June 2017.

Bathgate are sponsoring a large sandpit, filled with Bathgate extra safe and clean play sand. There will be activities for children of all ages on Saturday and Sunday, so take up this perfect opportunity for a fun family day out and educate children about gardening, food and wildlife.

This year’s event is even more special as Gardeners’ World is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

The BBC will be filming at the event, for the TV anniversary. Why not come along and enjoy the Nostalgia Garden, Anniversary Garden and Beautiful Borders themed around momentous occasion?

Gardeners’ World is even getting its very own birthday cake, designed exclusively by 2015 winner of BBC's The Great British Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain.

The event will feature Show Gardens and an enormous Floral Marquee with over 100 places to buy quality plants. The show also features top experts; Monty Don, Carol Klein, Joe Swift and Alan Titchmarsh.

On Saturday and Sunday, under 18s can visit for FREE (up to 4 kids per paying adult) with children aged 5 and under free every day. Use discount code SM2 when booking through The Ticket Factory to save £4 and get tickets from only £19.50!

As well as producing safe and clean play sand, Bathgate also takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of horticultural products for professional growers, landscapers, garden retailers and dedicated horticultural enthusiasts. The wide range of products includes: Multi-Purpose Compost, Top Soil, Lawn and Sports Turf Top Dressing, Play Sand, Block Paving Sand, GrowBags and much more.

BBC Gardeners’ World Live | NEC Birmingham | 15-18 June 2017

Website link:

2nd June 2017


Bathgate’s Champions Blend Compost Features at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

As the world-renowned RHS Chelsea Flower Show has come to an end, Bathgate would like to congratulate all of the Chelsea award-winners. A special well done goes to Mike at Tom Smith Plants, Colin at Roualeyn Nursery and Matthew at Brighter Blooms. What an achievement!

Bathgate was extremely proud to support Mike Smith, from Tom Smith Plants, a RHS Chelsea Flower Show award-winner and a prestigious professional grower with his show garden.

Mike used Bathgate’s Champions Blend All Purpose Compost as his main growing media for his display plants at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Mike Smith’s enthusiasm for Bathgate products has extended to him supporting with the development of new Bathgate Horticulture growing media products and in recognition of his valuable contribution, a team from Bathgate joined Mike at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to assist with building his display.

“Bathgate compost is a quality professional growing media and we look forward to using it on all fruit and vegetable show gardens in the future” said Mike Smith, Tom Smith Plants.

Bathgate won the award for Best Retail Product or Service at the Four Oaks show last year for its Champions Blend All Purpose Compost, when judges said that the compost "brought together probiotics, volcanic rock dust and natural seaweed extract in one easy mix for amateur gardeners."

Bathgate Horticulture is a range of products from Bathgate Silica Sand, an independently-owned company that has been established for 100 years and is part of the Bathgate Group.  

Bathgate takes pride in developing a comprehensive range of horticultural products for professional growers, landscapers, garden retailers and dedicated horticultural enthusiasts.

31st May 2017


Tom Smith Plants endorses Bathgate Horticulture on ITV Coast & Country

Award winning grower Mike Smith endorses Bathgate Horticulture growing media in a recent ITV Coast & Country episode. Mike set up his fruit and veg business with his partner Alison Rose 7 years ago. What started as hobby, is now a successful business of growing chillies, oranges, lemons and limes, as well as some more unusual fruit, not usually found in Wales.

Coming from the construction industry, Mike loves a challenge, and being able to grow things from seed gives him just that; “People say you can’t grow oranges in this country – you can”. If you know what you are doing and have the correct equipment and resources that is. His partner Alison can be seen in the video planting some micro-veg seeds using a ‘Bathgate Professional’ growing media product.

Mike divulges his secret of not overwatering his crops; he suggests a routine of watering generously once a month only. This is imitating the weather in southern Spain where you can normally find fruit growing.

Over the past few years, Mike has entered competitive fruit and veg shows and it is the success from these shows which led to an invitation to this year’s Chelsea flower show; one of the most prestigious horticultural events in the world. Mike has seen great success in recent years and is extremely gracious about being included in the top 100 growers in the world.

Mike describes his latest passion of “micro-veg”, an extremely fast turnover crop - with a turnaround of sewing to harvest of only 14 days. With Mike’s expertise and innovation, Tom Smith Plants is creating a name for itself, with celebrities such as chef Raymond Blanc showing an interest.

Bathgate Horticulture is a range of products from Bathgate Silica Sand, an independently-owned company that has been established for 100 years and is part of the Bathgate Group.

Bathgate takes pride in developing a comprehensive range of horticultural products for professional growers, landscapers, garden retailers and dedicated horticultural enthusiasts. Our wide range of products includes: Multi-Purpose Compost, Top Soil, Lawn and Sports Turf Top Dressing, Play Sand, Block Paving Sand, GrowBags and much more.

Watch the full video on Bathgate Silica Sand's Facebook page.

15th March 2017


Terry Walton has recently praised Bathgate’s award winning Champions Blend all-purpose compost

Thank you to Terry Walton, star of BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show and best-selling author, who has recently praised Bathgate’s award winning Champions Blend all-purpose compost in Garden News Magazine. Terry Walton reveals that at the end of last season he came across the Bathgate Horticulture Champions Blend Compost. He states that the compost provides great germination and excellent growing on results. It is great to hear that his early sowings this season are thriving in the compost. 

16th November 2016


Silica, the sweet spot of Greenkeeping

Bathgate Silica Sand shares why silica is the sweet spot of greenkeeping. Established for 100 years, Bathgate Silica Sand, part of the Bathgate Group, is a leading producer of silica sand, top dressing and rootzones. An accredited member of BRTMA and a British Standard registered company they take pride in producing the highest quality products combined with exceptional customer service.


14th November 2016


High quality, washed silica sand

High quality, washed silica sand for cattle bedding and equestrian use, available now from our Cheshire quarry. Contact 01270 762828 or for further information. 

27th October 2016


“Glee is a great showcase for the industry”

This was the first time we had exhibited at Glee and we were excited about the prospect of sharing our new product range and meeting fellow horticultural enthusiasts.

On a high from our award win for Best Retail Product – during the week before Glee, at the Four Oakes trade show in Cheshire – we were excited about the opportunities at Glee.

All in all, we feel that the show was a great success for us. We had a continuous flow of people on the stand and some serious enquiries, some of which have now resulted in orders being placed.

Although Bathgate Silica Sand is a long-established company and this year we celebrated our 100th year in business, our horticultural range is very new. Bathgate’s philosophy has always been to produce high quality products and deliver excellent customer service. The horticultural range is produced with the same ethos and we wanted to share this with potential customers.

Exhibiting at Glee and showcasing our range of growing mediums and associated products gave us an opportunity to reach out to a wide and varied potential customer base.

As exhibitors, we gained valuable insights about the garden retail and leisure market directly from buyers from a wide range of sectors. We feel that we have a better understanding of customer expectations from the experience which has helped us to identify key products that should be included in our range. It was also a great opportunity to give our team, who mostly work in our office and factory, the chance to be involved in the best showcase that our industry has to offer.

The pre-show support from the Glee team was fantastic as it was during the show. It was well organised and there was plenty of help and advice on hand. Well done to everyone in the Glee team!

Are we going back?

Oh yes we are. This is a great showcase for the industry. Anyone who has anything to offer the garden and leisure market should give serious thought to exhibiting. Shows are made more interesting by a diverse range of exhibitors. The more interesting that we all try to make the show, the more the visitors will make the effort to come along and then we all gain.

We are looking forward to Glee 2017.


21st October 2016


Sean Cameron reviews our award winning Champions Blend in video!

Sean Cameron is impressed with the Bathgate Horticulture award winning Champions Blend compost - Have a look at his video!

Our Champions Blend is a premium quality compost containing a unique blend of fertiliser and essential nutrition. The performance of this growing medium is further enhanced by the inclusion of Envii Foundation, REMI.

This high quality compost is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and provides an exceptional environment for the successful growing of Plug plants, Bedding and pot plants, Fruit and vegetable plants, Shrubs and Hanging baskets

 Contact us for more information

12th October 2016


Bathgate Group Invests in Promising Entrepreneurs at IdeaLab 2016

Bathgate Group sponsored and attended the IdeaLab 2016 Student Showcase, at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), on Wednesday 14th September. Gary Laverick, Bathgate Group CEO and Alastair Jones, Head of Underwriting at Bathgate Business Finance, were involved in judging presentations by four teams of student entrepreneurs, hoping to win support for their ideas, in a Dragon’s Den style pitching process. 

The Centre for Entrepreneurship at LJMU is behind IdeaLab, a pilot accelerator programme for technology driven ideas. During the past ten weeks, four teams of students have been put through their paces, including having to perfect their business plans and develop their concepts ready for the IdeaLab 2016 Student Showcase.
The four teams presented a range of ideas including: a conference delegate app, technology to improve solar panel efficiency, a student social app and a new approach to identifying airport runway debris.
Only one team could win the IdeaLab trophy and the judges decided that the prize should go to DIGI-HAWK, for their innovative idea of airport runway debris detection. DIGI-HAWK was presented with the winner’s trophy by Gary Laverick.
Gary Laverick commented that the “creative ideas and professionally presented business plans, together with the students’ enthusiasm and product knowledge, made for a truly inspirational event.  Everyone involved deserves great credit”. 
All of the teams involved in the IdeaLab Student Showcase have opportunities to continue progressing with ongoing support from the Centre for Entrepreneurship.
Bathgate Group is involved in a five-year partnership with the Centre for Entrepreneurship at LJMU providing financial support to entrepreneurs through the Bathgate Start-up Fund. 
Rod Walker, Founder and Chairman of Bathgate Group is a former Pro-Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University and as an Honorary Fellow has been involved with the group for some 50 years.  He explains how the Directors of the company were seeking an opportunity to give something back and support a new generation of enterprising graduates in a tangible way.
"Bathgate is privileged and delighted to be able to support Liverpool John Moores University in the important work of Entrepreneurship through the start-up Fund. The health and welfare of the community is best achieved by the provision of employment and this is vital for our future."
Bathgate Group comprises a range of companies including Bathgate Silica Sand, Arclid Transport, Bathgate Flooring, Bathgate Business Finance and Databax Hosting Solutions. Each Bathgate company shares a common objective to provide customers with the highest level of trust and confidence in all of their products and services. 

30th September 2016


Proud sponsors of Robbie Brown

Bathgate Silica Sand are proud sponsors of Robbie Brown, who recently came 2nd in the Ducati TriOptions Cup at Oulton Park. 

Robbie commented: “If we look back 12 months I started off the podium on both races so I can't complain if we carry on like this. I just think we need more dry time on the bike. Early on in the race I was just trying too hard, but I regrouped and had good pace and caught Guiver up but he is just a demon on the brakes. I saw him hanging his foot out on the straight and I thought he is in a lot of pain and he will die out but he didn't and he deserved that win.” 

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9th September 2016


Bathgate wins award for Best Retail Product or Service at Four Oaks

We were delighted to pick up the award for Best Retail Product or Service at the recent Four Oaks exhibition in Cheshire.

The award was won for the new Champions Blend all-purpose compost, part of the Bathgate Horticulture range of products, from Bathgate Silica Sand. 

Champions Blend is a premium quality compost containing a unique blend of fertiliser and essential nutrition. The performance of this growing medium is further enhanced by the inclusion of Envii Foundation, REMI.
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9th September 2016


Introducing the new Bathgate Horticulture Champions Blend all-purpose compost from Bathgate Silica Sand

The latest addition to the Bathgate Horticultural range, Champions Blend, is a premium quality compost containing a unique blend of fertiliser and essential nutrition. The performance of this growing medium is further enhanced by the inclusion of Envii Foundation, REMIN Volcanic Rock Dust and Oceans Bounty Natural Seaweed Extract

This high quality compost is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and provides an exceptional environment for the successful growing of:
  • Plug plants
  • Bedding and pot plants
  • Hanging baskets
  • Shrubs
  • Fruit and vegetable plants 
Bathgate Horticulture is a range of products from Bathgate Silica Sand, an independently-owned company that has been established for 100 years and is part of the Bathgate Group. The addition of Champions Blend complements Bathgate’s existing range of premium quality horticultural products.